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Chief Innovation Officer at The Impact Seat and Chair/Founder of Do Big Things

George Floyd: Victory Today and Victory Tomorrow

The jury’s verdict in the George Floyd trial is surprising to many and it shouldn’t be. In a just America, Derek Chauvin’s conviction should have been a foregone conclusion. Yet this is a nation in which discrimination has too long distorted our society and its criminal justice process.

Let’s imagine a world where Black people are happier, healthier and safer in America.

Justice has been served in this case. Yet there are too many Black men in prison and too many cops who have broken the law they have sworn to serve. The rate at which Black men are killed is 2x that of whites by police…

A Modest Manifesto — How I’m Embracing Ethics, Politics and Economics Going Forward

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “manifesto” as a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. Manifestos have a reputation of providing big, radical, even incendiary ideas about society, economics, art, politics and more. …

The following is adapted from my book, Mechanical Bull: How to Achieve Startup Success.

Funding sources for startups used to be much more limited than they are today. Nearly a decade ago, we focused on venture capital to launch our business,, because that’s what was available. Having alternative funding sources for your startup is particularly important if you’re a woman or minority startup founder.

You’ve got your great idea. Now what?

If you want to start your own business, you’re going to need investors. And if you want investors to give you the time of day (and more importantly, the money you need), you need to first build a boss pitch deck.

A Slide-by-Slide Breakdown

Let’s say your idea is a high-tech shoe for kids that’s somehow connected to the cloud that allows parents to follow their child on their daily journey. You build a prototype — you insert a GPS into a shoe and put it on a toddler — and test it out. …

In 2019, what are some key trends political candidates and nonprofit leaders should learn about in order to gain strength more quickly? From a #Rep19Women webinar most recently to the Personal Democracy Forum (#PDF19) and #Tech2Empower plus others earlier, it’s been an eventful half-year for us and I’d like to share highlights to inspire you!

#Rep19Women + #RunAsYouAre: Women are leading the future

2018 brought a surge of amazing women who are serving in office and even more are running for office. Many Americans want to support their success. Last year, 80% of the women trained by VoteRunLead (whose website we designed) won their electoral races. …

You may have a great idea that you’ve been sitting on for a really long time, and you may feel quite alone. A great business partner can transform your entrepreneurial journey, but how do you find the right person? I’d like to share my road-tested tips from building a successful tech startup, excerpted and adapted from my new book, Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Startup Success.

It’s become trendy to keep chickens these days for the fun and the eggs. A friend told me recently: “If a baby chick has even the smallest injury, a drop of blood — the other chicks will immediately peck it to death.” This describes Washington D.C.’s political instincts in a vivid concise metaphor. At this point, Donald Trump’s administration has a lot of blood on the dancefloor. It’s unclear whether he’ll even exceed Sarah Palin — another brazen Republican entertainment figure — and her brief tenure as Governor of Alaska. …

Cheryl Contee

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